FEMI Extra Large Sanitary Napkin ( XXL 320 mm- 20 Pads) | pack of 2

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We are creating awareness among young girls and women about the harmful effects of Dioxins and other chemicals un the Sanitary napkins available in the market. Dear ladies,now we got a solution to all our period and Utreus related problems. We are truly bound to have a stress free and healthy periods which nee are unaware off. Our 100% Organic Femi Anion napkins with surgical cotton with 5 technologies and 10 winning health benefits gives you a smooth travel during your periods and helps in a smooth and healthy Menopause. We as women let’s all come together and create a healthy and happy society. Femi Anion Sanitary mallika benefits : 1.Very Handy and soft surface enables easy absorption. 2.Three dimenaional flaps gives better protection and zero leakage.. 3.Femi has Anion an Antibacterical,Far-infrared a hormone balancer,Magetic strip in duces mood,Nano activate endocrine glands and citin enhances the capacity to Biodegrade. 4.Air laid paper ensures proper airflow permeability.. 5.Aloevera and wood pulp prevents irritation and odor. 6.Environmental friendly ,healthy hygienic and biodegradable components makes Femi pads the choice of Million of users. More over,the Gum used in Femi pads is organic ally sourced… The world class Femi Anion sanitary Napkins are made for you only through Femi Health care. **To Know more about Femi sanitary napkins Country of Origin : India


About this item

  • Unique Foam Sidewalls to Prevent Irritation
  • Extra large coverage
  • Soft & dry feel overnight
  • Quick absorb gel lock technology
  • Soft & Rash Free Comfort
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FEMI Extra Large Sanitary Napkin ( XXL 320 mm- 20 Pads) | pack of 2

501.00650.00 GST (-23%)

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